Choosing the right equipment

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So you don't have your ski's or board yet? 

I bet you're combing the internet looking at all the options and searching for the best deals!

And you think you've found it? 

YES thats right ... STOP.

Why you ask? Well where do I start...

  • There is an enormous selection of stores to choose from here in Whistler. Having been in the business for over 20 years, we have great relationships with some of the very best stores and we would be happy to point you in the right direction to ensure you are well looked after.
  • Get the added benefit from discussing your needs with our pros - they will be able to advise on what sort of skis/board would be best for you and your skiing/riding style, ability, strength. Trust us when we say these factors have a huge impact on the best gear for you.
  • The right equipment can make a real difference to your skiing or riding - particularly if you are planning on taking an instructor training program, you will benefit from help in making the right choice once you get to Whistler.
  • You will benefit from being able to demo skis before you buy to make sure you are happy before you commit. The cost of a demo is offset against your purchase* (As arranged by YES deal) 
  • There is a HUGE advantage in getting your boots here and having them professionally fitted. I cannot begin to tell you how many people arrive with ill fitted boots. Boot fitting is an art (yep super geeky but its true) the bootfitter will examine your foot, ankle and calf - these factors then give the boot fitter the idea on which brand of boot would be suit you. Then they consider your ability, strength etc in order to determine which flex is best. There are so many brands, so many factors. A professional fit is the only way to go. You will be in your ski boots every day. A professional boot fit will not only ensure your comfort every day, it will improve your performance on the snow. Oh and you can go back to your boot fitter as many times as you need to have them adjusted while you are here.

OK so hopefully this has helped you in understanding that it is 110% best to wait to buy your gear. Demo and get the professional advice from the YES team.