Courchevel: Adieu far too soon.

Friday morning brought some fresh snow on the ground, blue skies above and Bob being reunited with his ski.  All signs were pointing to a great day and it did not disappoint.  Fresh off his guided experience, Bob grabbed his group and headed out to explore the Trois Vallees and beyond.  Meanwhile, guides Andy and Alan joined the other groups to show off their resort.  Andy took the high flyers and took off in search of the goods.  Alan grabbed his group and headed towards Tovets for a warm-up.  After that it was up Plantery for some fresh tracks off the Loze.

Courchevel: Skiing to Sledding.

Thursday the crew woke up to another 10 cm of fresh snow blanketing the ground and it was still coming down.  With low visibility the trees were the place to be so the groups stayed low to warm-up.  Courchevel 1550, Le Praz and La Tania kept the groups entertained before it was time to head out towards Meribel.  With the upper lifts open, some headed over the Col de la Loze while others took the tram and braved the flat light atop Le Saulire.  Some good snow was found around the Pas du Lac area as the snow was still fresh from the previous storms.

Bonjour from Courchevel

We awoke Sunday to some snow falling and warmish temperatures.  A storm was coming in and the visibility was limited.  Winds and conditions retricted us to mainly the Biollay, Chenus, Bouc Blanc and Plantrey areas.  Conditions were spring-like as we cruised around setting up the groups for the week.  It was a good feeling to get the legs working again after the train ride and transfer.  On the way home, a stop at the Courcheneige was in order for a warming Gluewein.  

Europe 2014 - Courchevel - And that's a wrap!!!

The final day of Euro 2014 brought bright blue skies.  The group met up top of the Saulire for the group photo minus our fallen comarde. You are missed Mr. Johnson.  After the photo shoot, the groups dispersed in various directions.  Linc's group headed to Mont Vallon and some great off piste before heading up to the Saulire chutes.  Then it was off to watch the polo before a great lunch at La Soucoupe.  

Europe 2014 - Courchevel : Trees, Rocks and La Folie Douce

NOTE:  To protect the egos and well being of some YESturians, the indenties of certain individuals have been changed. 

Europe 2014 - Courchevel, Couloirs to Culinary Cuisine

Tuesday brought more clear blue skies.  Linc's group was the first out the door as they were being led by Marie.  She quickly put them to the test by dropping in under the Saulire tram.  After passing the exam she proceeded to drag them all over the 3 Vallees taking them down various steep bits of terrain.  They made as far as Val Thorens before stopping for lunch.  The way back consisted of more steeps before ending with a run down the Grand Couloir.  Smiles all around as they celebrated a great day with some refreshments.

Europe 2014 - Courchevel Powder

"I don't know if its the powder or the drugs I took this morning, but I feel terrific!"  -- un-named YESturian

Europe 2014 - Hello Courchevel

Saturday was a bluebird and a great day for a transfer to Courchevel.  The one problem, the 2 vans dispatched to take us there had insufficeint room for all our gear.  It took half an hour but we finally managed to jam all the bags and people inside.  With no wiggle room it was off with the vans on a slight angle as the back bumper was dragging along the ground.  A lunch stop in Chamonix before we finally made it to our new digs with only a few detours along the way.  Le New Solarium is in a great location and after welcome drinks it was off to a great dinner.