Do I really need to have my boots fitted professionally?


Boots are, by far, the most important part of your equipment. 


At the beginning of every season, we see many of our clients arriving in Whistler with ski boots they’ve purchased at home, only to find out that they have a fitting issue. Of greatest concern are boots that are too big, have serious pressure points, and/or have alignment problems.

As a way to alleviate these problems, we suggest you wait until you are in Whistler to purchase new boots and get a professional fitting at Ski Connexions with Barry. As a full time YES Improvement ski pro, Barry knows the importance of boot fitting first hand. Your boots are the contact point between you and your skis, and good fitting boots allow you to achieve your best performance comfortably.

Barry will ensure you are in the right boot and take care of all of your fitting concerns before you even hit the snow. This will ensure that your first day in new boots is a positive experience. If any problems arise during the course of your stay, you are only steps away from the Ski Connexions workshop and Barry’s expertise. 

If you have any doubt, ask the majority of Whistler's top skiing professionals where they get their boots fit, and they will tell you: Ski Connexions! 

To book an appointment for your arrival, email Barry at: