Get In Shape for the Slopes

Now that summer is fading (or spring is starting if you're in the Southern Hemisphere) it's a great time to start getting in shape for the coming winter. You want to be able to make the most of your trip, and working out now will help you look better, feel better, be able to perform better on the mountain and most importantly reduce your risk of injury.

The YES pros have been doing "dryland training" for a month already - focussing on strengthening the core, back and leg muscles in particular to help them perform better on the slopes. They are also doing regular cardio / interval training to promote overall fitness. They know from many years on the hill that being in the right shape is what will allow them to ski or ride 150+ days in a season without injury.

We are please to share with you an awesome work-out program called SKIRAD (Ski Ready and Avoid Damage) which has been put together by our friends at BackInAction Physios here in Whistler. And it's good for boarders too! You can do most of these moves at home or in your local gym, no special equipment needed (although a roller is useful for sure). Once you are familiar with these moves it should only take about 15 minutes to complete so no excuses!

You can download all the details here or check out the helpful videos here.