Hot Tips for Finding Accommodation

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1) Message All those with Housing Offers
2) Check "Message Requests/Other Inbox"
3) Advertise in our "In Search Of Housing" Section (Comment thread), Pique Newspaper, Craigslist, Kijiji, Bulletin @Gone & Blenz Cafe!
4) Score a Job w/ Housing!! See Comments ⬇

  • Hostels/Hotels, Whistler Blackcomb,
  • Building Caretaker or Nanny Job
  • Work for a Hotel that has staff housing
  • More & more offer Housing - view jobs online!  

5) Mountain Country Property Management,
Seatoskyproperties,com, RideOnWhistler, etc
6) Team up w/ others to increase options! 
7) Be prepared: References/Resume, etc.
8) View a few places (if possible) but be flexible & Act quickly! If still posted, still apply! 
9) Network w/ Friends, Family or Co-workers,
Who can give you a Personal Referral!
10) The greatest selection of long-term housing available is in April/May or after Summer, places for Sept. 1st. From then onwards there is less & less, for many reasons! Hopefully with these tips, being awesome & keeping positive, you will find a sweet place!!  

Thanks to Whistler Accommodation Facebook page for the hot tips.