"London calling to the faraway towns......" and everyone came and gathered in Bloomsbury for the launch of the YES Euro Trip 2016.

View from a top St. Paul's. 

In the days before the official Friday night meeting of YESturians, walking was the activity de jour - a lot of it.  St. Paul's, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, various parks and musuems were all explored on foot with the occansional red bus and tube ride.  Along the touristy road, time was made to catch up with some Alumni including Chris and Olivia.  The touristy road is also a thristy one and we saw plenty of brass tops and oak as we sampled the English ales, the older the pub the better with the Red Lion claiming to be the oldest.  Friday night rolled around and the gang re-grouped at Callaghan's for a few pints before popping out to dinner.  Courchevel guide from the last trip, Marie, made a guest appearence and filled us in on the latest snow report.

Regent Park.

Tower Bridge from the Tower of London.

After all the catching up was done, it was off to bed to prepare for the early Saturday start which saw us head off to St.Pancras Station to catch the Eurostar to Moutiers.  The usual game of luggage tetris was played in order to fit all the various bags on board.  The train took us through the Chunnel and off to the Alps.  From Moutiers it was a shuttle bus, luggage tetris expert level, that slowly took us up the hill to Courchevel 1850 and our home for the next week, the New Solarium.  Late dinner then off to bed in anticipation of skiing tomorrow.

Still walking, the Thames at night.