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NZ 14 - Friday Finale

The final day of YES NZ 2014 brought us blue skies and more good skiing.  The Saddle was skiing great with good groomers on South Ridge and Saddleback.  The snow was still skiing great in the gullies with soft snow brought in from the wind.  The groups all had a great day getting in the last of the challenges.  Payback, Gunbarrel and Superpipe all offered that final test.  Another great week full of numerous incidents like: chair mis-loads, long slides down gullies, near misses, temper tantrums etc.  As always a big thanks to Chris for getting up and down the hill safely.

NZ 14 - Goggle tans, rest day and wind chill

Tuesday brought about another bluebird day with warmer temperatures.  Most groups took advantage of the great conditions and no crowds and headed staright to the Saddle Basin.  The skiing was fantastic with great grooming on Rafills and South Ridge.  The gullies were all skiing great as the groups challenged themselves in Superpipe, Mineshaft and Payback.  The groups all skied to the very end and it was a quiet bus ride home.

NZ 14 - Sunshine

The first day of week 2 brought bright blue skies and warmish temperatures.  We have a new recruit this week as local legend Al has joined the ranks of YES Coaches.  Most of the groups headed straight over to the Saddle to take advantage of the great conditions and no crowds.  Rafills and South ridge were groomed to perfection as the first few runs were spent on working on some technical drills.  Then it was off to the gullies to play around and test the mornings teachings.  

NZ 14 - Week 2 Begins

With Saturday being the change over day, the YES Crew had a day off.  After waving good-bye to those leaving us this week, the YES Crew headed off in various directions.  Some went golfing, some went to Queenstown.  Others went vineyard-ing while others went for a run/walk/hike.  Overall a relaxing day as we awaited the arrival of those joining us for week 2.

NZ 14 - Week 1 Finale

New Zealand brought out the sunshine for the last day of week one, but the wind remained fairly strong.  Saddle was delayed in opening and the 6-pack had moments of wind hold.  The skiing was great as the snow had blown in and settled in the gullies.  After a warm-up down Main Street if was off to explore the different chutes in Powder Bowl.  Magnum was true NZ skiing as the snow was good but you had to dance around some tussock at the start.  

NZ 14 - Wundy!!

The wind made a return to the slopes of Treble Cone today.  With the Saddle chair on wind hold, the 6 pack was the only option.  With the wind whipping straight up Main Street, the warm-up run was anything but warm.  Visibility was off and on but the snow was in great shape.  Lower Skite and the runs in Powderbowl was were the wind blown was collecting and the skiing was good.  All the groups went for an early lunch as we were waiting to see what the wind would do.  

NZ 14 - Bluebird

The YES Crew awoke to a beautiful bluebird day and fresh snow on the slopes.  Snow line was below the parking lot and the excitement was high for the day.  That enthusiasm was slighty tempered as an electrical problem delayed the opening of the 6 pack.  

                                       the line as we wait for the 6-pack to open

NZ 14 - Skiing in the Storm

The YES crew awoke to the sound of raining rattling off the roof.  The good news was that there was 20cm of fresh and it was still snowing up at TC.  The bad news was you couldn't see it.  The chained up bus rolled into an empty parking lot with snow on the ground.  The Saddle chair was on hold so Main Street and Skite provided the terrrain for the morning.  The snow was good but the visibility was lacking.  With no one on the hill, the groups were able to work on technique as the fresh snow and lo-viz proved to be a challenge.

NZ 14 - Day 1

Well it's that time of year again when the YES gang descends upon New Zealand and the sheep start to get nervous.  The coaches got a sneak peek at the conditions on Friday and the skiing was pretty good.  The Saddle had some good snow and the gullies where holding some good wind packed powder.  See video.   Other areas had a bit of wind deffected snow but the coverage was good.

BASI Course - Whistler, BC

This year YES has arranged for a Level 2 BASI course to be offered here in Whistler.  I had the honour of joining the group for the first of two weeks to see what the British were up to.  BASI course examiner Alex Leaf came over from Europe to run the course.  The week started on Sunday with a meet and greet at the Alta Vista Chalet.