Life long dream came true with YES!

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All good stories start with a beginning so here's mine.

I must admit I had more than a few moments when I thought 'you have got to be crazy' to consider doing a ski instructor program on the other side of the world. Many of my friends thought I had gone complete bonkers and couldn't understand why I thought this was a good idea.  In contrast, those closest to me - Sarah, Joshua, Nathaniel & Thomas echoed a different story, not only was this a good idea, it was a great idea and this became the backdrop for an amazing journey. 

In March 2013,  I spent weeks scouring the internet on who delivered the best ski instructor program, anywhere. I figured if I was going to take 3 months out of my life, be away from my family, I wanted to be absolutely sure I was getting the best. The YES program ticked every box and any doubts I may have had were quickly put to rest after speaking with Belinda and a number of YES return clients at a function at the Caxton Hotel Brisbane in early 2013. When asked 'do you think I'm crazy to be doing this? Belinda replied 'Absolutely, but you know what, if it's your dream to do this, we will give you every opportunity to succeed'

Its now mid April 2014 and after 11 weeks on the program I've achieved more than I could have imagined. CSIA level 1 and 2, CSCF level 1, CADS level 1, AST level 1. And there's the many intangibles like friendships formed, new perspectives taken, experiences broadened. These will no doubt be all enduring and extend beyond the program.
A key asset of the program, and there are many, are the YES Ski Pro's who are in my opinion unparalleled. This was a defining factor when I selected YES as my program of choice and I'm convinced contributed to my successes over the 11 weeks. I could never have imagined prior to coming on the program I would be cat skiing up to my armpits in powder snow or charging down a double black diamond run with a smile from ear to ear. I will forever be thankful for their inspired teaching, encouragement, guidance and support. What equally stands out is the support from Belinda and PJ where nothing was a challenge. Thank you. 

So, If your dreams don't scare you - they're not big enough. 

Thanks Belinda and PJ for believing in the impossible. 

Rob Rutledge