Yes Story

Over 26 years ago, PJ O'Heany took a turn from the business world and through his love of teaching skiing, created YES Tours in Whistler, Canada. YES (Your Enjoyment in Skiing and Snowboarding) has since certified over 3,000 students through the instructor training program as well as having more than 5,000 skiers & boarders enjoy weekly improvement programs. 

Well respected in the snow sports industry, PJ has built an awesome team of ski and snowboard instructors, most of whom have been teaching on the program for 10+ years. All are Level 4 certified and examiners for Level 1 and 2, park, race coaching... the credentials of these coaches will make you drool. With the Whistler program being so popular PJ selectively added new resorts for his clients to choose from.

Where does the name YES come from? The decision to call the company YES was made by PJ back in 1993. Using acronyms was the thing to do 20 years ago and PJ really wanted to capture the program's main objective, which was (and still is) 'Your enjoyment in skiing and snowboarding'. So after much deliberation the company was officially named YES Tours in 1994. The funny part is that most people think the company is called 'YES' because you will rarely hear us say no! We're all about providing the best customer service and so we're likely to say 'YES' to just about everything!

At YES, personal attention is the key to our programs' and your personal success. Our team will develop your skills through personalized tips and feedback to help you improve faster. The improvement courses are targeted at those who are intermediate level or higher, to take your skills, technique and confidence to greater heights. Our improvement programs are offered in Whistler, Niseko, Wanaka and occasionally Europe and South America. All these resorts offer a little something for everyone.

The other side to YES is the awesome ski and snowboard instructor training programs, offered in Whistler, Canada. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to take the plunge - YES offers a variety of courses that run throughout the duration of the Whistler winter season (Nov - April). 11, 7 and 4 week courses are available. People from all corners of the globe have taken part over the years. From gap year students to professional business people looking to add a little snow flair to their list of achievements or to live out a life-long dream. It really doesn't matter what your background is because once you hit the snow, you're all equal and its all about having fun and improving. Our aim is to improve your skills on the slope and inspire you to achieve more than you ever dreamed. We will help you achieve your goals to improve your skiing or snowboarding to become a ski or snowboard instructor

The YES program works in partnership with Whistler Blackcomb to offer an internship for students who are looking to become a ski or snowboard instructor for the entire season! The course is called the Whistler Blackcomb Snow School University Program and is a 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity for anyone who has dreamed of being a instructor and spending a whole season immersed in the resort culture. 

All you need to bring is the desire to learn and we promise you'll achieve your goals, and have a great time too!